About us

We’re a team of passionate people who are driven by the love of games and the joy that they bring to people of all ages. We learn, research, improvise, implement different technologies that enables us to drive value across our entire team. We have a culture of enablement then extends from our newest internee to our oldest executive. Starting up in 2018 Six Edge Technologies have turned into a successful development platform following our relentless efforts and vigorous instincts. Our mobile apps and games have been enjoyed by more than 60 million users globally.

What we do?

We have a diverse set of people with skills in art and development, marketing, publishing, cloud deployment, project management and many others that enable us to deliver extraordinary products on multiple platforms


To never stop aspiring the future beyond THE NEXT: becoming a beacon for the fore-generations in the technological premise with novelty, distinction, industry astuteness, research advancement and incredibility in progress by launching opportunities for internal and external stakeholders. Mission To cater to our clients with prodigious product line in building, sustaining and expanding them while catering to our global userbase.

Our Approach

To be the number one choice for businesses when it comes to digital product development, design, quality, and innovation.